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66-Year-Old Man is Cured of Rare Heart Condition Thanks to 3D Printing by Materialise

By editor
July 10, 2015

"Recently at UCLA, doctors were able to use a 3D printed heart model to go forth with a very complicated surgery on 66-year-old Richard Whitaker." Click here to continue reading the original article on

Cardiology in the Next Ten Years

By editor
June 9, 2015

Despite what we might wish, neither doctors nor researchers -- nor those of us who fit both categories -- have access to a crystal ball. Therefore, predicting the future of cardiology over the next 10 years is an impossible task. But I can write about what I wish the state of cardiology to be within...  read more

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Heart-Healthy

By editor
June 1, 2015

If home is where the heart is, shouldn’t every home be heart healthy? Easier said than done in U.S. homes today, where: •Processed, high-fat, high-sugar foods are readily available •Sedentary activities, such as TV watching and computer use, take time away from physical activities Click here to continue reading the original article on